The Most Difficult Commands to Teach Your Dog

Training your dog can be a challenging but rewarding experience. While some commands are relatively easy to teach, others can be more difficult. Here is a list of the most difficult commands to teach your dog, and how to go about teaching them. The

reminder signal

is arguably the most important command to teach, and for some dogs, one of the most difficult.

This command requires your dog to respond immediately when you blow a whistle or use a specific word, such as “come”, “here”, or “come back”. Teaching your dog to give up an object is also important and can help it learn not to protect the object. However, if your dog has any type of injury, it should not attempt this trick. It may take some time to create a reliable response, but it is worth teaching as it is more likely that your dog will respond to a simple “stop” than a reminder signal.

Another difficult command is teaching your dog to


. Although howling may seem cute, teaching your dog to sing at the right time can be a special feeling. You can also teach your dog the useful trick of going to its bed and staying there while you eat, which will help prevent it from begging for food from the table. Once your dog knows the commands for “sit” and “stay”, you can start teaching it to stay in those positions.

Teaching advanced tricks can be beneficial for your dog's overall health, as it can improve endurance, flexibility, concentration and balance. However, if you are teaching your dog to chase something, make sure that it does not ignore its own safety and run into traffic or over a livestock net or barbed wire fence. Finally, the

Bang Performance

is an impressive trick that will leave your friends speechless. This trick requires your dog to stay in a certain position until you give it permission to move.

Teaching this trick isn't too difficult but you may need to spend some time getting your dog used to the position.

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