The Most Common Dog Training Command: Sit

Training your dog is essential for a harmonious relationship between you and your pup. One of the most basic commands to teach your puppy is the “sit” command. This simple command can help you control your dog and prevent misunderstandings. Teaching your dog a vocabulary of basic commands will help you communicate with them more effectively.

In addition to the “sit” command, other important commands include “come”, “look”, “down”, “get off”, and “release it”. The “come” command means to stop what you are doing and go directly to the owner. The “down” command means to lie on the floor and stay in that position until released. The “get off” command tells your dog to get off furniture.

The “release it” command tells your dog to drop whatever is in its mouth. These commands are important for keeping your dog safe from everyday household items that can be dangerous for them, such as chicken bones and apple cores. The “release it” command can also prevent your dog from ingesting anything that is poisonous or that could cause injury. People usually invest in

dog training

to correct behavioral problems or brush up on manners, but

training a dog

does more than inculcate polite behavior.

It can also help keep your pup safe from harm. For example, the “wait” command tells your dog not to move forward until you give them the go-ahead. I work as an evaluator for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, which teaches search and rescue dogs to respond to this order even if they run at full speed to the victim or are on a pile of rubble. Teaching your dog these commands is essential for their safety and wellbeing.

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