What is the most important command to teach a dog?

Arguably, the most important command to teach your dog is to “stay”, it will be useful to him every day. For your safety and the safety of others, “permanence should be taught at an early age. To teach it, have your dog start by sitting. There are several facts about obedience training for dogs that you should understand, but these are some of the essential commands you can teach your dog.

This is the first command that most people teach their dogs. A dog that sits when ordered cannot jump. Below is a list of 15 essential dog commands that every dog owner needs. You should also hold the treat with your left hand %26 and give the command “Talar” in a positive tone of voice.

This command is taught by asking the dog to: “Sit first”, placing a treat near its nose and giving the command “Stay %26” then moving it a few steps away. This command is taught by holding your dog's leash with your right hand and pulling it with your left side while walking and, at a certain point, ordering the dog to “sit”. Gradually move your first hand or treat to your dogs' faces so they lick or smell the treat, and then say the command “leave it” or “no”. This command is necessary when the veterinarian wants to examine the dog, when he wants to brush it and in many other cases when the dog's standing position is necessary.

This command is very useful because it tells the dog not to run away, since it can run through public doors, corridors or store entrances to the road and put itself in danger. When teaching it, it is important to leave the bed in the same place so that the dog understands what you want. This command can be taught on a leash to your dog, holding it with a leash in one hand and with a treat in the other hand. Keep in mind that the following commands, if properly applied by the dog owner, can be a lot of fun for the dog and also for the owner, and will make life easier and more enjoyable for both of them.

Also, if you want a real challenge, you can consider teaching your dog these training commands for service dogs. This order is especially important, since it keeps the dog away from inappropriate behavior that could end up committing at home, on the street or anywhere else and will immediately return it to you. This command is given to calm, relax the dog and make it settle in a specific place and is especially useful if the dog is hyperactive and you are trying to do work from home, trying to clean up, having a baby nearby trying to fall asleep or when you try to talk to a visitor. The moment the dog opens its mouth to catch it, you must give the command “Take it”, so that the dog conditionally associates the right thing with a treat (reward).

The moment the dog feels provoked by the treat and makes an effort to grab it, you should tell the dog your command: “No” and pass the dog lightly over the leash against you. This command is taught by walking the dog to the door and ordering it to “sit in front of the closed door”. Since the command helps you control your dog, it's also an excellent transition to more complicated tricks, such as turning around or playing dead.

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