The Most Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

When it comes to

obedience training

for dogs, there are several facts that pet owners should understand. McMillan always recommends teaching the 'sit' command first, as it is the most natural concept for most dogs and one of the easiest for them to learn. Dog training does more than just inculcate polite behavior; it also creates mental stimulation and encourages discipline and obedience. The Valor K9 Academy basic obedience class, as well as private classes and training programs, always include basic obedience commands.

These commands are essential for addressing any behavioral problems and ensuring a healthy and happy companion. Pet owners must train their dogs correctly and teach them basic commands such as 'stay' and 'drop'. To teach the 'stay' command, start by sending your dog to a raised bed and having him stay there in a calm state of mind until he is released. Open the palm of your hand in front of your dog and then give him the command to “stay”.

Gradually move away from your dog, and then say the command to “stay”. For search dogs, it is especially important that they respond promptly to the 'stay' command and remain in place until the potential danger passes or the handler can safely reach them. The order to release is also essential, as it helps dogs pull their teeth out of all kinds of things that aren't safe for them. As an evaluator for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, I have seen search and rescue dogs respond to this order even if they run at full speed to the victim or are on a pile of rubble.

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